Karate Mouth Guard


No product can be more effective at preventing serious injury or concussion than a quality piece of mouth protection. Whether you’re just starting your first foray into sparring or are a seasoned pro, the one thing you should always have in your gear bag is a mouthguard.

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Our latex free mouthguards are designed to provide a custom fit for any mouth. All it takes is a little hot water! And with six stylish colors, you can make sure to match your mouthguard to the mood of your martial art!

Don’t even try to enter a contact sport like the martial arts without adding one of these to your arsenal. Add a mouthguard to your cart today!

Product highlights:

Latex Free – FDA approved colorant
Strong and Safe – Dentist-designed, prevents concussions.
Form Fitting Design – Custom molds to your mouth shape in seconds!


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